About Madsen


Birth Date: July 24, 1984

Age: 28          Years Racing: 8

Residence: Sydney, Australia & Knoxville, Iowa

Career Highlight: Fast Qualifier at 2012 Knoxville Nationals, making main event.

Career Goal: Win a Knoxville Championship and a World of Outlaw race.

A resident of Sydney, NSW, Ian began his racing career in go−karts at the age of 16. He spent 3 years in this division while also being a crew member for his brother, Kerry Madsen, on Kerry’s sprintcar to gain knowledge in the sport.

2004 at the age of 20 and following his brother’s footsteps Ian jumped into a sprintcar. Competing at his local track the Sydney Speedway. At the seasons end he won the coveted NSW rookie of the year.

2005 Madsen made his American racing debut competing in a full season at the famous Knoxville Raceway. The season was marred by an injury from a crash that sidelined him for 6 weeks but highlighted by two top 5 finishes during the season.

2005/06 Madsen competed again at his local track, Sydney Speedway, finishing 2nd in the Point Championship with seven top 3 finishes.

2006 Crew member for Kerry Madsen on the car 55 race team. The team let him compete in the 360 Knoxville Nationals in which he qualified for the final out of 120 cars.

2006/07 Madsen competed at Sydney Speedway with six top 3 finishes.

2007 Crew member on the famous Selma Shell 11H race team gaining invaluable experience on the World of Outlaw tour.

2008/09 Madsen won his first A Main victory at the Sydney Speedway. This was followed up two weeks later by another victory at Dubbo Speedway.

In 2009/2010 Madsen won an International A Main at the Sydney Speedway by defeating World of Outlaws Champion,

Donny Schatz. This was followed by seven A main victories. This seasons success landed him a full time ride in the US for 2010, in the 55 car at Knoxville raceway, He finished 7th in the Track Championship which was highlighted by one A Main victory.

2011 In a dream come true, Madsen was able to compete on the World of Outlaw circuit for 15 races. He opened a lot of eyes on the competitive tough series with 3 top five finishes and sat on pole for the World Finals in Charlotte on live TV.

In 2012 Madsen again competed at Knoxville Raceway in the 55 car finishing 6th in the Track Championship, highlighted by one A Main victory and a top 3 finish with the World of Outlaws at Husets Speedway.